Saturday, January 13, 2007

I might just get there after all!

Can I just say that Craigslist can be a great thing? I have been pricing the Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0. And for the most part I have found it to be pretty pricey. Upwards of $300. Much more than I want to spend at this time. I looked on Ebay (I know that was everyone next questions :) ) and I only found a couple, most priced at more than the $300 along with a LOT of tutorials. So my next stop was Craigslist. I didn't see anything in the Computer section of the for sale area. Instead I posted in the Wanted about how I really needed this software. I got a response from a guy here in town who offered to either burn me a CD of it, or send a rar file for a fraction of the regular price. You can only imagine how fast I jumped on that one! He sent the file as promised, although I have had to download winrar as well as a speedier downloading program. And as I have mentioned before, I am rather internet challenged. You don't find these things out until you think you know what you are doing. I can surf with the best of them, I am a wiz at finding great deals on items, specifically Ebay. Ask anyone! I have a Delonghi Coffee pot that was brand new for .15 cents. And a great Oriental rug for like 2 bucks! I can even fumble through my Macromedia Fireworks program to crop photos and put together VERY simple graphics. But try and tell me how to download and extract (What??) a RAR file, as if its as easy as writing an email, and well, my eyes tend to glaze over and my brain begins to shut down. Confusion doesn't even come close to explaining it. Not to mention that it is taking FOREVER to download it. So when that is done, hopefully I can figure out this RAR extraction program and open up this sucker. It would appear that anyone that might be able to help me is "unavailable" So the Lord and I will muddle through it. I may end up asking the guy to burn me a CD after all, I am sure that will be an easy fix. However I am a DO IT NOW type of a person. If there is a possiblity, even if it is only a glimmer, I will jump on it.
Maybe my next goal should be to ask God to help me be more patient!
I do think I have come up with a name for my e-zine: Simply Celebrate
Let me know what you think! Are any of you technologically challenged in some way? Share your stories and then link me!

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