Thursday, January 18, 2007

God is Amazing

I know most of you who read this, also read and know the situation with Emma right now. For those of you who may not know, Emma is a special little girl who happens to have had a heart transplant when she was about 6 weeks old. She is 5 now, and has been doing great this past year. She started kindergarten, in a special class, and is very active! Barney is her all time favorite, and according to her mom has tons of them! She is finally talking more and letting her needs be known. She is a miracle to say the least. Her mom, has spent a lot of time in prayer and advocating for this precious little girl. She is a strong Christian woman who loves her family. And has inspired me and pushed me to become stronger in my faith, as well as grow as a person. So the gist of this, is that Emma is once again back in ICU. Things are not as bad as some of the times she has been in, in the past. Although, I have to say that reading her posts from the past couple of days have gone from very scary to things are looking not as terrible! And I know that while all her doctors and nurses are providing the best care possible for her, God is the one responsible for her well being. His hand is definitely on this little girl. I know a lot of us have spent time in prayer, crying out for her healing. Her family notwithstanding, I am not ready for Emma to go Home to her Saviour. We have seen her come back so many times from what looked like the edge of forever. Her little life, while so fragile, is incredibly resilient. The phrase "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" embodies her very being. In spite of her illness, she is the strongest little girl I have ever met.
So please, continue to lift Emma and her family in prayer. Pray for healing, pray for Emma to allow the doctors to run the tests they need to, pray for strength and encouragement for her family. Pray for wisdom for the Transplant Cardiologist, I know a lot of people are joining together in prayer, if you haven't yet, please join us now.

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