Monday, January 8, 2007

First Menu Monday

I stumbled across the Organizing Junkie at and her Menu Monday! Which I thought was a great idea. I am in need of some organizing as a mom of 2 little guys, another one on the way, and a business! I am terrible about birthdays, and keeping track of files. I will admit I get behind on laundry sometimes and I get caught up in spending time with my family when I am not busy with clients! So yesterday I made a menu for the week, which I haven't done since before the holidays!
Monday: Leftover Taco Pie from Sunday
Tuesday: Grilled chunky chicken and cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: corn dogs and peaches for the boys, sandwich for me (its DH Duty day on the ship)
Thursday: Enchirrito's
Friday: Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread
Saturday: Frito Pie

So that is my menu for the week, now sometimes we change our minds and have one days meal on a different day. But I like this idea!


org junkie said...

Hello! Thanks for joining in!! I have to say that I just love your blog fun and I just love the very welcoming.

Have a great week!
Laura (orgjunkie)

misslionheart said...

It was myMY first Menu Monday too! What's Frito Pie?

Posh Mama said...

I had to ask the same thing when my husband requested it. According to him, you make chili as you normally would, then put frito's in the bottom of the bowl, put chili on top and top with your choice of toppings. I think sour cream and cheese will make it great!

misslionheart said...

I've never heard of frito's! I'll look it up and try it!

p.s.Please edit my previous comment (I messed it up!)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Sounds like a good week.

I just barely stumbled across Laura's site as well and I have loved it!

Cat said...

Hi Shayna, just stopping in from Especially Heathers. (she is my SIL)

I think that sounds like an awesome idea, I may have to go check that site out myself. I know I need more organization in my household!

Take care!