Monday, January 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

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I strayed quite a bit last week from my menu plan! Cravings would kick in and I was useless to resist! Wednesday I had planned on the Chicken Strips I think, but I really wanted Baked Potato soup. So I had seen several recipes on it, and a friend of mine had given me a quick run down of how she made hers. I combined the recipes, added my own touches and came up with a really tasty soup, that will probably be a regular on our menus! I did eventually make the Sesame Chicken Strips yesterday, they were great! Only my picky oldest wouldn't touch them, which was as to be expected. So he just ate lots of rice! And the Confetti Spaghetti was a huge hit as well! I would add a little more spice to both recipes, but thats just because anything even slightly bland tends to annoy me right now!
Most of this week will be from last week, that we just didn't get to!

Monday:grilled cheese and tomato soup (Duty Day)
Tuesday: Amish Meatloaf with Mashed Potato and salad
Wednesday: Chicken Pesto Pasta and Garlic Bread
Thursday: Sausage with Datil Dew Sauce and oven roasted seasoned red potatoes
Friday: grilled chicken sandwiches with vermont white cheddar , peaches
Saturday: Pizza cheese and a pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple

I had another ultrasound on Friday, everything looks great! Little one is growing and I am excited for August. Which I know is a long way off. But time seems to be moving quickly and I know it will be here before I know it!

My vacuum cleaner of 6 years finally bit the dust Friday as well. The rotator brush on the bottom stopped spinning and it just didn't suck the way it used to. So Sunday we went to Target! I, of course, wanted a Dyson, but just couldn't justify spending $500 on a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, yeah, I know it will never lose its suction, but for that much I should have someone who will come and vacuum for me! I had put aside about$200 for a new vacuum, but found my second choice for much less. Oddly enough I saw it online at Walmart for a whole lot more. Thats right everyone, Target ROCKS!! Heres a pic of my new vacuum!
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The little yellow thing on the side is a duster, it has a telescopic pole thingy and after you dust, you stick it in the holder for it, flip a switch and it SUCKS all the dust off of it! I am so excited about it. I already vacuumed my dining room area, and it works amazingly!

I also got to have a girls night out Friday night with my friend Kiki, we went and got pedicures. I really needed the pampering. She brought my boys the cutest thing ever! And they have been playing with it since Friday.

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So anyways, if you participated in Menu Plan Monday, let me know!


Justice Fergie said...

hi there!

your menu looks like fun. What are Datils?

My girls have this house too. Just wait until you've heard the tunes on "ABC Radio" 1,000 times :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yum, your menu sounds delicious! Those chicken sandwiches with that cheese sound so yummy right now :)

Congrats on the new one on the way, and I wanted to comment about your vacuum as well. Love that one you got, I looked at it at Target also. Ours died a couple of months ago and I ended up with a Hoover Fusion Plus (got it at Sam's). I think Hoover sells the fusion ones just at Walmart and Sam's, I didn't see it at Target. I am amazed at how much that thing sucks up, and it's so nice to have a filter I can clean each time and not have to replace every few months. Hope you enjoy yours!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier... have a great day!

KC said...

Yummy menu..
Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question with the hyperlink.. It is really easy and I was so clueless until lastnight LOL all you do is highlight the word/words you want to be the link then go up to the hyperlink at the top of your post sort of by where you can change the color of your text and stuff. click on it and it will open up a page for you to copy your link(where you want the highlighted word to send people) and once you do that it turns your highlighted word/words into a link.

I was like "that is it! and I'm just now finding this out" LOL..

Hope this helps.

Lori4squaremom said...

Oh, your menu sounds very yummy! Congratulations on the new baby...I have an august baby too! She's the baby of the family, and just the sweetest 6 year old you could ever imagine :)

What type of vacuum is that? I love the duster thing! How cool is that?

Jill said...

I participated!

I am glad things are going well baby wise. And, I saw the same vacuum and was going to get it, so now that I see it works really well I may go pick it up.

Your menu looks great! Have a wonderful Monday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :o) Your menu looks wonderful, as well!! I posted the Tender and Tangy Ribs recipe for ya on my blog. Here's the link:

Congrats on the baby that's on the way! We're not too far apart in due dates, huh?! Good luck with this pregnancy!