Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Helpful Tip for Fleas (I hope!)

We have the sweetest, for the most part, cat. Damon gave her to me for my birthday last year. We lived in base housing at that point and had terrazo floors. Tile. I hated them because ouor little guys would fall and cut their lips and get horrible bumps and bruises. The only good thing about not having carpet was that we were FLEA FREE!! That is until we moved. I was so sick of the base, we were out of the way for all our friends and far from most things in town. Since we aren't here that much longer, we didn't want to invest in a house and then not be able to sell it when it was time to leave. So we found a lovely nice sized apartment in a good area. And now our cat is infested with fleas. We have treated her several times, taken her to the vet, and tried just about everything out there at the pet store. None of it has even seemed to make a dent in it. We thought seriously about giving her to a shelter, but the process is daunting. And its is based on whether or not they deem her acceptable. If they do, we could still have her for the next 6 months until they placed her. I doubt that with her flea issues, and that she has scratched the boys and when they bug her, they get nipped, they would consider taking her at all. She is a loving cat, she wants to be petted. Its just the fleas that cause us to hold back on our affection for her.
I did a little more research this afternoon, and have found several natural remedies that I think may work. Lemon juice, or Citrus juice of some sort, sprayed on her, and on the carpet is supposed to kill them. Putting salt on the carpet and letting it sit overnight is supposed to dry up the eggs. I would much rather use these remedies that the insecticides that are so dangerous.
I actually have pure Key Lime juice that I have mixed with a bit of water in a spray bottle. I have treated my area rugs, and bath mats this morning. I plan on spraying her down when Damon comes home so he can hold her. I will let you all know how this goes! Has anyone had any experience with any of these natural rememdies? DO you know of something else that might work?


Anonymous said...

Brewers yeast!

Heather said...

We too had a horrible problem with fleas a few years back and didn't find out until they were infested! They weren't biting anyone but my oldest boy. What worked for us wasn't completely natural, but it wasn't the harsh sprays. - First off if you can get to a vet to purchase some Frontline. They also sell it at any petco or pet place. It is the best thing because you put in on the cat once a month and any flea that bites the cat will die. Second, Borax laundry detergent - you can buy it at walmart under $2 - same things as the salt it smothers them - cover the carpet lightly and let it sit overnight. I put it down and then used a broom to spread it lightly over everything. Sweep, sweep sweep! That is the #1 thing to break the life cycle of the fleas! This may go on for a few more weeks, but if you treat the cat and be consistant with the sweeping AND emptying the bags or container daily, don't let the vacuum sit with the stuff in it, it can reinfest the place! HTH Oh I've got the itchies just remembering it all. GOOD LUCK!