Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (One day late...)

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I meant to get this up yesterday, but I have been having issues with my DSL for a couple of days now. I sat on the phone yesterday for like an hour with the Bellsouth tech. I actually put my menu together on Sunday.

Monday: Leftovers of Confetti Spaghetti
Tuesday: something easy, its Damons duty day
Wednesday: Sesame Chicken Strips, baked garlic/onion red potatoes
Thursday: grilled cheese and tomato soup Damon out overnight
Friday: Chicken Pesto Pasta and garlic bread
Saturday: Sausage in Datil' Dew sauce and Rice with Cheese
Sunday:Amish Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with Sourdough Bread

I will check out all yours! I have gotten some great ideas from Menu Plan Monday, and I know I am definitely getting the book about meals for 30 days, I think it will make life a lot more simple!


org junkie said...

Looks like a great week!


Jenny-up the hill said...

Your week sounds great!! I would love to have your recipes for Confetti Spaghetti and the Sesame Chicken Strips. Thanks!!

Barb, sfo said...

Looks delicious!