Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Not So Magic Word

As kids, we were all taught that there were magic words. And no, not Abra Cadabra, or Ala Kazaam either. I tried those, and never got anywhere! I am talking about the word Please. Please tacked onto anything will get you what you want. Or so the story goes. There is even a Backyardigans song that tells you "Please and Thank you will get you practically anything you want with a smile."
And Train Junkie believes it with his WHOLE HEART! Cuz ya know, they wouldn't be able to put it on TV if it wasn't true! He will ask for cookies in the morning, and being the good mom I am, I tell him No.... and then sneak one myself :) And TJ will then throw himself on the floor whining, (I know, its so odd for a 4 yr old to whine) "Mommy, I said PLEASE!!" Which he did, but that does NOT mean he is going to get it. OH! the TEARS and the ANGUISH. He is really going to be good at the whole Teenage angst thing, I tell ya.
Being polite is important, I want the kids to say please and thank you, your welcome, and no thank you. We are not however, going to lead them to believe that by saying "Please!" they are entitled to whatever they ask for. So now, we are working on teaching them to handle disappointment with grace. Hard to come by in a 3 and 4 year old. What I find funny, is that Little Guy is better at handling being told no, his response?

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sarahgrace said...

Hee hee! That's great, "Barnacles!"