Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last One For The Day, I PROMISE!!

Man, I am post happy today. I completely forgot that I wanted to share with you all my ETSY page! See, I have big plans when we move. Big surprise there, right? I own a business right now doing event planning. And I truly enjoy what I do. Somewhere in the midst of wedding and event planning, I fell head over heels in love with baking. Its something that I have always enjoyed, but just did for fun. But after having The Princess, and hubby being deployed, I started playing around in the kitchen. Creating new recipes and tweaking old ones.
And after much thought and prayer, I felt like God was pulling me in a new direction. Not that I would completely abandon my Event Planning business, but just put it on the back burner until later. So anyways, as things happen and we move along towards our goal, I will update and reveal certain things. So please, visit my Etsy page and tell your friends about it too! I will slowly be adding more things to my listing as I have time. Since we are preparing to move in OH, 19 days!

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