Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Defender Of The Innocent

Lizard that is. They are a fixture where we live. And everyone in our house, including me, loves seeing them skitter across the path wherever we walk. The past couple of days we have been seeing this gray and white kitty hanging around outside our backporch. Which is fine, I have nothing against cats. Our dog doesn't bark at it, and I thought it just wanted shelter from the crazy thunderstorms that have been making an appearance every day since Sunday.

Until the morning, when Little Guy came shrieking into the kitchen about the cat. I ran into the living room to see the cat trying to EAT a baby lizard. I opened the back door and shooed the cat away from the poor pitiful little lizard. Who made a full recovery by the way and shot across my patio.

My next move was to find the spray bottle and fill it with water. The last think I need my boys having nightmares about, is a demon cat eating their FAVORITE animal (or I guess reptile?) in front of them.

So, the cat came back, as they tend to do. I really think the cat used to live here with whomever was here before us. This time it got a bigger lizard and managed to get its tail. Oh the HORRORS. I chased the cat away and picked the lizard up and put it as high up on a tree as I could. Which consequently is not very high, as I am pretty short. But I did my part, and while I may not be able to save all the lizards out there, there are 2 who are safe for now! Hee hee, finally something I can put on my Super Hero resume!

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