Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday AGAIN?!?

Monday has rolled around again, putting us just a little closer to our move. I think because we have SO much to do within the next couple of weeks, it is going to fly by. I want the house packed up before hubby and his crazy ship go out to celebrate the 4th in the Virgin Islands. Good to know that no government money will be wasted...

Having moved several times since we got married, I have packing down to a science. Thankfully this last time we moved, we didn't go very far and then didn't unpack everything. But that meant that some boxes were half packed. So those had to be compiled. Next up was packing up all our winter clothes. I have been picking up things for the kids here and there since I found out we were moving to a state with actual seasons. It took two pretty good sized boxes, and a Ziploc XXL bag to get almost all of it. Finally we went through the boys toys in their room, and tossed some and packed most. So why don't I feel like we even made a dent??

Its any wonder anything happened, considering I have two boys who TALK NON STOP. Train Junkie can change subjects every 30 seconds with out missing a beat, while Little Guy can talk about lizards for 30 minutes. I am so thrilled they have such an extensive vocabulary, truly I am. However every now and then my brain goes numb. And I can't even think enough to put together a complete sentence.

Probably why I don't mind going grocery shopping all by myself. Somehow I managed to make a list, and even a menu. We need to at least use up everything in our fridge and freezer. The cupboards I am not so concerned with. All that will travel well.


Sunday: Steak Filets, Crash Hot Potatoes, Salad
Monday: Chicken Soft Tacos
Tuesday: Wing it hubby has duty
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Thursday: Ravioli with Sausage and Peppers
Friday: Roast Chicken and Veggies
Saturday: Italian Meatball Quesadillas
Sunday: Fathers Day! Hubby picked Barbecue sandwiches, oven fries and ice cream

Usually we are not quite so meat heavy in our meals, but like I said, I am trying desperately to clear out our freezer. And with only 33 days left, we may not get to it all! ACK! Anyone want some chicken?!

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sarahgrace said...

Yes, my mind goes numb with everything my boys yammer on about too...
It IS a wonder we ever get anything done!