Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Much More Home Improvement Can You Get?

Woo Hoo!! Boomama is hosting this whole Before and After Home Improvement thing-y, a Carnival if you will. And since we are about to experience the ultimate in home improvement, I wanted to join in too!


The idea is to post your goals of what you want to accomplish before July 25th. And then posting your link to your goal at Boomamas. Thus putting yourself and your hopes and dreams at the mercy of others to hold you accountable!

So here is my goal, its a lofty one so hold on to your hats. If you are wearing a hat, otherwise just sit there and wait patiently, I guess.

1. Get packed
3. Paint new home (Princess's bedroom, boys bedroom, and living and dining room, and kitchen.
4. Unpack a substantial amount of stuff.

Now, I realize the likelyhood of painting everything I want to, is slim to none, but it is my goal. We are finally going to be someplace where we can paint. And last night I found this cool website by Behr paint. It helps you pick a color, coordinating colors and then you can upload a pic of the room to be painted and SEE how the colors would look in there. I know, crazy, right?
The Princess is going to have a lavender and butterfly themed room, the boys will be shades of blue, with a construction theme. Well, once I find bedding they like they will have a construction theme. I want to do a color called Frosted Pomgranate in the living room and dining room areas, and then Banana Split in the Kitchen with cream accents. If I even get half this done, I will feel accomplished!

So what are your home improvement dreams??

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