Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Who asks for these things??

As an event planner, it is my job to give the client what they want. To be able to find people to accomplish their request in a timely manner. I am currently putting together a Christmas Party for a client with some very, lets call them interesting, requests. The meeting started out as most of my first time consults begin. I went to their home, sat down and listened to the basics of the party. What they were looking for, guest count, catering, etc. Then we got down to the logistics of it all. Now I have to go out and find HOT bartenders and a cute sexy girl to serve the food. Nothing stripper like mind you, just a guy who is willing to wear a Tux with the sleeves ripped off and a girl in a French Maid Costume. I am so embarrassed to even ask the vendors about this! Most of them have laughed and been understanding about it. But seriously, it is not easy to ask someone if their employees are hot! I even went to a modeling website here in town and thought that possibly I could find someone who also could bartend. All the men on this modeling site are old, fat and balding. Not the young ripped and chiseled guys I thought I would find!
On a brighter, less raunchy note, plans for my sons 3rd birthday is coming along quite nicely. We will have a nice turn out of people to help celebrate too! Some of our friends from in town, and out of town. And Mamaw will be in for the weekend. This is my MIL. We extended the invite because we thought that while she wouldn't probably be able to make it, it would be nice to be invited! Well, surprise, surprise! She can make it! The boys will enjoy her visit and I know we will too! Mine were also invited, but they will not be making any special appearances. I have no idea where I am going to put 25 people!
But I am working on putting together some light appetizers and a 3-D train cake. I am working out the kinks on it. Trial cake bakes and all! I have been searching and searching for ideas on how to make some freight cars. Whats a train cake with out freight cars really? I did manage to find some great little ideas for favors and after the festivities in 2 weeks I will post pics! I think we are planning a 2nd trial run on the cake tonight. I will document the process and let you all know how it goes! The first one was not at all successful, and while I will spare you all the morbid details of a cake half baked and running out of the pan, I will tell you that it was a little like one of those Chocolate Lava cakes, where the filling runs out all warm and gooey and VERY VERY tasty!!!
Alright, I have to finish my estimates for my client and fax it so I am off!!

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