Thursday, December 14, 2006


In preparation for one of the Christmas Parties next week, my friend and I are responsible for putting together the floral centerpieces for the tables, as well as the planning and several other things. Originally there were to be 8 tables with 2 centerpieces on each one. Thankfully this has been scaled down to 6 table in a U shape. Part of putting together these centerpieces was shopping (who doesn't enjoy that?) for the flowers and the vases. Since these will be raffled off, we decided to use fake flowers. Garden Ridge is one of my FAVORITE places to shop, particularly for Holiday and Decor. When I am responsible for things like this as I put together a party for a client, this is the first place I go. They have EVERYTHING!! So of course when we decided to go and get all our supplies, this was our first stop. We found some great floral items, from velvety roses to glittery dried baby's breath. Every last bit of it sparkled with some form or color of glitter. It all looked so great in the shopping cart, and while we had problems finding vases that were reasonably priced, we were more than happy with the floral!

Or so we thought! Last night was our first attempt at putting the arrangements together. The last time we did this, we used fresh flowers, and some fun pieces of curly shiny stick like things in red, blue, silver, and white. It seemed a lot easier to arrange fresh flowers. It took us 4 and a half ours to put together about 4 arrangements a piece. And by the time I was ready to leave for the night, poor Kiki's living room looked like Liberace had thrown up! There was glitter everywhere. Tables, carpet, our clothes. I even had it in my hair and on my face. I got up this morning, and there is STILL glitter on my face!

Tonight we are planning on finishing the last 4, unfortunately we need more flowers. Of course there is a lot of filler left, but that won't cut it! I think Kiki will stop and pick up some more before we get together. We also still have to pick out about 14 more favors for guests, and I need to Calligraphy 36 place cards. Lets see how well that goes with my two little guys! I hope to get some pictures tonight of the arrangements we make. If I do, I will post them tomorrow for you all to see.

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