Thursday, December 7, 2006

Tag Things about me....

I borrowed this from Janean at

I have done versions of this on myspace I am sure, but thought I would do this again after I visted Janean, whom I found through Midlife Moments!

Things you may not know about me....

1. Even though I am 25 (plus a couple of years ;) ) my favorite thing to drink is still Chocolate Milk!
2. I am a sucker for 80's movies you know the ones, Can't Buy Me Love, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles.....
3. I love Fruity Pebbles
4. I went to a very tiny Christian High School and never had to take Chemistry class, or home ec for that matter!
5. I miss Oregon like crazy and we hope to move back soon!
6. My middle name is Elissa, pronounced E-lissa not Uh-lissa
7. When I was 7 I attempted to walk across the top of my swingset and fell off of course!
8. There is a guy who was my boyfriend in 7th grade and we never broke up when he moved away

Things I want to do before I die....
Which is a little morbid to think about, but here I go

1. Travel to Europe, I have NEVER been overseas
2. Write a complete novel and be published
3. Tour Israel
4. learn to knit, and not just a scarf, I want to knit blankets and sweaters
5. Perform in a Musical

Things I can't do
1. That whistle-y thing where you put your 2 fingers in your mouth
2. Push-ups
3. Make a center court shot in Basketball
4. watch a scary movie they haunt me for days!
5. touch my elbow to my nose

Things I CAN do
1. Flare my nostrils at will (does that make sense
?) It entertains my husband!

2. Make really GREAT french toast
3. draw (if you show me a picture I can draw it exactly)
4. roll my tongue
5 . and roll my r's

Things that Attracted me to my Husband (Damon)
1. His bright blue eyes
2. How great he was/is with kids
3. He was the first guy to treat me like I was worth something
4. His amazing Heart
5. He was so easy to talk to, still is
6. His fire for God, and his desire to witness

Things I say MOST often.....
1. _______ (insert my oldest sons name here) You better get down from there!
2. HELLO!?! not in greeting, but sarcastically
3. I love you (my hubby and I are quite mushy!)
4. Posh Celebrations, this is _______ (insert my name here) When I answer my phone

Movies I love

1. White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas Movie, I have to watch it every year
2. Beaches, since I was about 9 I think, I LOVE Bette Midler
3. Billy Madison there is just something about really silly movies
4. Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail (NEEEE)
5. Legally Blonde (only the first one though) Beeend and SNAP!

So now go and do your own! Let me know if you do, I wanna read it!!
TAG your it!!

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Paula said...

Hey Shayna. I love your design too! Yours is one of my favorites done by Heather. Sounds like you have an awesome hubby like me. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.