Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So after my very emotional evening yesterday, Damon and I decided to really pray about it, and figure out how to petition to be released from the ship early. We would still stay in, just go on to Shore Duty. Although we both know that if we end up here for another year, it will be for a reason that God has yet to reveal to us.
I had found my cookie press the night before, and I thought that Christmas Spritz cookies would be a nice addition to my son's birthday party on Saturday. I am a big fan of trial runs when I am going to subject guests to something new. I hate to assume how things will turn out and then have it FLOP big time! After we got the boys down for the night, I got all my ingredients lined up and ready to go. Like most cookies, it called for Vanilla Extract. I usually wait for my sister and her family to vacation somewhere like Mexico and then I request she bring me some home. It is always better than the extract you get at the grocery store. The last bottle she had brought me was almost gone, and their last vacation had been here. I bit the bullet a few weeks back and went into World Market to see what they had. Luckily they had a bottle of imported Vanilla that I have had good experience with in the past. So last night, I got it out to use in my Spritz Cookies. It still had the little plastic around the lid, and not the perforated kind. Since I am a thinking person (LOL) and Damon was trying to get a less aggravating ringback tone for his phone, I reached for a knife. I am sure you can all see where this is going! Well, you would be correct if you guessed that I SLICED open my finger. Left hand, first finger, middle section.
Blood welled up of course, as it was pretty deep. I am so very lucky to have a quick thinking, trained in first aid, husband. It hurt like a mother, and I think I was starting to really freak out at that point. Damon grabbed a paper towel, wrapped it around my finger, and held it over my head. Passing out seemed like a great idea right then, I tried to anyways. But Damon kept me from going all the way out. Thankfully it stopped bleeding after a bit, still hurt though! So no stitches were required. At least we didn't think so. Besides it would be awfully inconvenient to drag the boys out of bed to head into the ER. And I wanted to watch the first season of Alias on DVD! Priorities, people!
Now I am tired from a restless night, and being 7 weeks pregnant of course! I am craving really cold stuff, like milk and ice cream. REALLY COLD cheese sounds good too. I am going to clean up my guys from lunch, get the little guy down for a nap, and see if I can't rest a bit while my oldest plays with trains!

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