Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Post For Little Guy....

Ok, so this is a little belated, I wanted to get to this about a month and a half ago. However, ALL of his baby pictures are on my old laptop and it can be a HUGE pain to get them to upload to Photobucket in a timely manner.
So while his birthday letter is here, I will have to add the baby pictures at a future date.

Dear Little Guy,


You have been 3 yrs old for a little while now, and I still look at you sometimes in amazement. You can talk circles around a lot of the 3yr olds I know, but you are still so little that everyone takes you for a new 2 yr old. You are smart, and ridiculously funny sometimes. You have more energy than anyone I have EVER met!
Everything you do, you do with a passion and a fierceness that touches my heart and scares me to death sometimes. You play hard, putting all your effort into all that you do. You love hard, giving some of the best hugs and kisses. Just this afternoon, you ran and threw yourself at me. Your little arms tight around my neck as you shouted in my ear, "LOVE YOU MOMMY!!" You can be so sweet. And such a stinker. Sometimes simultaneously!


We had some tough times with you. You eat almost anything I put in front of you now, but for a whole year, you couldn't have anything dairy or with gluten. You were barely sleeping because of how much pain you were in. You would cry and cry while I rocked you. After a lot of prayer and working to figure out what it was, we found out your digestive system just wasn't handling the gluten and dairy and was making you sick. You are over that now, thank God!


You ADORE your baby sister. And absolutely dislike anyone who is a stranger talking to her. You frown at them and tell them, "Thats MY baby." I love that you hug her and kiss her. Telling her she is your little princess.

So, my sweet little guy, while this has been a tough year for you with Daddy being gone, you will have your Daddy home soon! Mommy and Daddy love you like CRAZY! I hope this year is full of learning and fun. I can't wait to see how much you grow!

Love always

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sarahgrace said...

Oh, so sweet! Happy Birthday little guy!, did you win the kiss?