Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Am Not That Strong

When hubby and I got married, almost 7 years ago, I learned that he was meticulous about certain things. For example, back in the days when we had time to make our bed every morning, I caught him putting hospital corners on not only the sheets, but the blankets too. If I hadn't stopped him, he would have down it to my down comforter and duvet. Personally when I get into bed at night, I like to be able to move.
The longer we were married, it was funny to see what he would obsessively clean next. When Train Junkie decided he wanted to control the food going into his mouth, I was all for giving him a spoon and letting him go to town. Hubby, well, he refused to let him do it. Because of the mess. Boy was he delusional! I am sorry, but Baby = Mess! and a BOY well, that equals very LARGE mess!
I think Train Junkie was like 2 and a half before hubby let him feed himself with a spoon. Thankfully I had been letting him do it for quite a while!
Last year, before he left for deployment, we had gotten home from church. It was early afternoon, but the boys were tired and HUNGRY. Hubby decided for some odd reason it would be a GREAT idea thought he would sweep all the leaves off the front and back porch. Before lunch. Leaving a cranky and pregnant ME to keep the boys inside and make them lunch. When all they wanted was to be outside with Daddy. Which he didn't want, lest they mess up his lovely little piles of leaves. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well with me.
One of the ongoing cleaning projects, is the Durango. He likes to take it about once a week, two at the most, and wash, vacuum, and clean it out. I say more power to him, its not my favorite thing to do. Its not even my second favorite thing to do. I would put it somewhere after vacuuming and before ironing.
So considering hubby is deployed and I am so not motivated, I have done very little cleaning out of the car. However, this past week, I started longing for it to be clean. I wanted to have a quick solution. I imagined taking my car and turning it on its end and SHAKING all the junk out of it. Then getting the biggest broom ever and sweeping it away. I tried that, it didn't work.

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