Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One Stop Shopping

Once a week, while Train Junkie is in school, Little Guy, The Princess, and I head out and go grocery shopping. Our last stop before we head home is Target. I get several things here, baby food, diapers, Soy Milk, and regular Milk. Its cheaper, and the milk is hormone free.
If Little Guy behaves himself, I let him pick out a hotwheel for him and his brother. As far as I am concerned, Target has EVERYTHING! And so does Little Guy.
A little while ago, I was explaining to him that The Princess was a gift from God. It took a little while for him to grasp the concept. But then he started running around and saying she was his present. Well this morning, after he had a nutritious breakfast of pancake on a stick, he started talking about how his sister was a present. I asked him if he knew who had given us our sweet little gift.
He heartily replied, "TARGET!"
"Babies come from Target Mommy!"

Boy is he going to be disappointed someday!


sarahgrace said...

ha ha ha! That is funny. At least he said Target and not Walmart!

Lois E. Lane said...

And I wonder what aisle one would that those on...