Tuesday, October 2, 2007

OOOH Its a Baby Shower!

5 Minutes For Mom is always doing cool stuff. And thanks to their dual pregnancies, all their sponsors are participating in a Fun Cyber Baby Shower! Not only do they get gifts, but we get fun prizes too!

Now they have 3 games, and I am going to partake in all three, just beware!

1. Most Sympathy Inspiring Delivery Photo....
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As you can tell, I had a water birth, so that meant NO pain meds! I didn't have access to any, and as it was my first birth experience, I had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into. Although I do have to say that out of the three, it was the most amazing. I was in labor for 14 hours and had gone in with self controlled extremely high blood pressure. It was super intense. But the result, was my great little Train Junkie!

2. The Best Baby Bump
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Also from being pregnant with Train Junkie, because I had such high blood pressure, I was incredibly swollen, this was taken a couple of days before I went into labor. I was huge, and was down to my last pair of pants! Not only that, because I had midwives, they didn't care how much weight I gained and encouraged me to eat all the time....

3. The most remarkable, interesting, or brutal Birth Story

This is something that could go either way. The birth story for my Train Junkie was interesting because I had a water birth. We chose a birthing center because I have always had issues with medical intervention, and with needles. So I wanted a birth that would allow me to make my own decisions, eat when needed, and move around to assist with the process. I had 5 amazing midwives who were with me through my entire labor and delivery. When we went in, I had been having contractions for a couple of days, but with little progress. They had the birthing tub ready when we got there, and after being checked hubby and I got in. Thats right, my hubby GOT IN the tub with me! 2 of my midwives were strong christians and prayed with us before we got started. We had brought a CD player and played worship music, mostly Delirious, throughout the birth. My water had broken earlier, but mine breaks on top. So when it got time for me to push, I pushed for 4 hours without anything happening. The reason why, was that the bag of waters had collected and was what I was trying to push out. They broke it and then everything sped up. I actually gave birth in the tub, I remember being very aware of the pain, but it didn't bother me. I knew the outcome would be a beautiful baby. Once I had my little Train Junkie, it was time to birth the placenta (gross, right?) but I just couldn't. Nothing happened. They gave me herbs to help, and also a shot of Pitocin and that didn't help either. So we all piled in cars, somehow that doesn't sound quite right, and headed up to Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) to have a D&C to get rid of the placenta. I lost a liter of blood, and was getting pretty weak. But I was able to walk in on my own. They admitted me quickly,and had the procedure done, and they said when I could get up and walk out, I could leave. So after about 30 minutes I did. We went back to the Birthing Center and spent 2 nights there. The room had a 4 poster king size bed and it was like staying in a bed and breakfast. Homemade meals and incredible care. It was an incredible experience, and should we, or God intervene, and we change our minds, I would definitely do it this way again!
My second child, Little Guy, was born at the Naval Hospital. NOT a good experience at all. My water broke in the morning, so I called hubby to have him come home from work and take me in. They looked me over and declared NO BABY SHALL BE BORN TODAY! Yeah right. I was already dilated to a 4, and they sent me home. But I knew the contractions were different then the ones I had been having for 2 months. So we went home with the intentions of heading out to dinner, and then to the mall to walk. Hoping to get that baby moving! We had Train Junkie with us, but had set up with out nanny agency to have a sitter on call for us that week. We went to eat at Souper Salad, one of my favorite places, but I just didn't feel good, and didn't want to go walking afterwards. We headed home and hubby went to run me a bath to help me feel better. But I didn't make it past the front door. I felt horrible and then the contractions started full force. Back into the car we went, my hubby will tell you I looked like I was going to climb out of my seat in pain. Once we got to the base hospital, they took me up to look me over, although I was obviously in labor. Let me tell you, Military Hospitals are not the best place to give birth in. And now the one my son was born in has several law suits against it for various reasons. Nice, huh?! Anyway, they decided I was in labor and took me up to L&D. I wasn't in very long before I was asking for drugs and an Epidural. However, the urge to push took over and I couldn't stop it. They kept telling me I wasn't ready, until the nurse looked down and saw the top of Little Guys head. He was on his way and nothing was stopping him. It took probably 4 pushes and he was out, as the man with the Epidural made his way in. The entire time, hubby was holding Train Junkie who just watched the whole thing with interest. I had a 2nd degree tear and the Dr. proceeded to sew me up without any local anesthetic. I stopped him, asking"OOOOWWW WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" He replied, "Sewing you up". "WELL STOP IT! That HURTS!"
He didn't although the nurse finally brought over something to numb me.
Suffice it to say our Baby Girl was not born in the Navy Hospital, and my experience with her was normal and easy.

Now, I get to pick my top 3 gifts, and HOPE and cross my fingers, that I WIN something!!
1. First Choice Lucky Mom necklace
2. Flip Hop Slippers!
3. Peekaboo Baby nursing cover

Now, its your turn! Let me know if you play, I LOVE reading birth stories :)


Jen said...

Hi Im cyber partying

The birthing centre sounds like it was nice

sarahgrace said...

Ooh! A water birth, that is sooo cool! If that was available here, that is totally what I would have done.
Enjoyed reading your birth stories!

HotMama said...

Wow, I've heard other nightmare stories about those Navy hospitals - I can't believe that jerk was sewing without a local, OUCH!

Great pics though, thanks for sharing. I'm loving reading all these birth stories!

striving... said...

I think your navy doc. is lucky it wasn't me, I probably would have kicked him. Good stories.

Carrie said...

Reading these stories and seeing these photos is really amazing. Each of has experieced the miracle of life, and the pain of birth, and lived to tell about it. :D

I was all swollen too, which is why I'm not brave enough to show any photos of myself with my first son. That blood pressure is the worst when it goes up, isn't it? I hated that! You still look great though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Saph said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
Wow, such difference in birth experiences. Definitely wouldn't want that Navy Hospital experience.
I'm quite interested in a water birth. I just updated my post with my birth story so go back and read it if you'd like. =)
Oh, and where in FL are you? I'm in Tampa!

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by. Even if I could do a regular birth, I'd still be to chicken to do a water birth. It sounds like you had an awesome experience.

Lisa (SAH in Suburbia) said...

Great pregnancy photos!!! That's quite a birth story!!

Candi said...

I had my first son in a Naval hospital, too, and it wasn't the greatest experience either. But, when I finally got him home it was all worth it.

Pamela said...

Please email HappyPandaBaby@gmail.com

Natalie said...

Your naval hospital sounds as bad as the small town hospital I had baby #2 at...I'm sorry you had to go through that!

Pinks & Blues said...

You had me in tears reading this. And my goodness... you do not look swollen at all in that photo on the couch. You look so pretty! You want to see swollen, you should have seen me with baby #3!
Thanks for sharing this... it is amazing the difference in hospitals.I just love your blog by the way!!!!!!!!
- Audrey

Christine said...

Your birth center sounds awesome!Blessings!