Friday, May 11, 2007

Not Quite Sure How

I am going to make it through tonight and tomorrow. I woke up yesterday with an ICKY cold. I am all sneezy and achey and drippy. Yeah, I know you wanted to know that last part... To make it more fun, I can't take anything. Being "with child" and all. I have the Rehearsal to oversee tonight, and then the wedding tomorrow. Maybe if I sneeze in the Chocolate Fountain tonight, I can have it all to myself! So I plan on dosing myself with Tylenol and chugging orange juice and hoping for the best.
Honestly, it shouldn't be too hard, the church has a "Wedding Director" who is very sweet, and I have every intention of letting her run the show there. She knows how things work for their Pastor, and sanctuary better than I do. So I will sit quietly while I drip discreetly into a tissue shoved up my nose, and OBSERVE. Then at the reception site, there is a catering manager. She has worked with me to get everything coordinated, but the butlers and servers are her staff, and the bride and groom are supplied with their own personal ATTENDANT. Who will follow them around and attend to their every need. So I will simple direct and make sure everything runs smoothly. EASY!!
I think the hardest part will be picking my boys up at the sitters at 11pm and then getting them to unwind enough to go to bed when we get home! Sunday I plan on laying on the couch and not moving for 8 hours. I will read and hang out with my guys and maybe if I can muster the strength, I will clean my house. Then I just have to get through next week, and then hubby will be home the following Wednesday!! YIPPEEE!!!!

I think my cold has made me delusional, and none of this is as easy as it sounds....
I need prayer!


sarahgrace said...

Aw... I hope the Tylenol and OJ work and wish I had a good tip for you... I will say a little prayer for you though!

Cass said...

I wonder how this works. My kids were sick last week, and now I have what they had, and who's gonna take care of Mama? Hope you are on the mend!