Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Baby Girl is sleeping in her swing, the boys are engrossed in Little Bear, and I have a moment to myself. Jesus has got my back today! I guess that means I better get off my rear and go clean up my kitchen, do some laundry and put away all my desk stuff, and refill my filing cabinet. AND work on my latest project. What happened to that sigh of relief I just let out? I am pretty sure I just sucked it back in....

We are starting to finally settle into a routine that works for us. I don't think that happened with the boys until they were much older. God has really blessed us with a good baby. The boys tested my endurance when they were this age. Train Junkie didn't sleep. Would NOT sleep. We walked, jostled, danced and CRIED trying to get him to sleep at night. Laying him down didn't really work, he screamed and screamed. And then cried some more. And living in an apartment or base housing isn't really conducive to letting your kid just cry it out. And my little guy had allergies that kicked in at about 1 yr. His doctor didn't catch it, and so we endured crying at night, his little body so tense because his tum tum hurt. After eliminating suspect foods, we realized he had a milk allergy and a gluten allergy. And once we got that taken care of he slept great. Loved his crib and we could lay him down at night. He fell asleep on his own after that.
Baby girl is completely different. She sleeps great, she loves being in her swing. Most of the time she is happy and content! And finally my boys do to!

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sarahgrace said...

Sounds, oh so familiar, especially sucking that sigh of relief back in! Here I am blogging, when I should also be doing all that stuff you mentioned...(baby girl also asleep in her swing)