Monday, December 9, 2013

Can I Slow Down Please?

Talk about a busy weekend!  I am not a huge fan of going 90 mph.  And don't ask me to explain why I do the things I do, I have no clue!  Jam packed weekends are so much fun...  Ok, not really.  This weekend consisted of Friday: Volunteering in the morning, and then set up for my boys school's Santa Breakfast, then I hosted a cookie exchange!  Now originally, the cookie exchange was going to be Sunday evening, but due to Little Guys meet being scheduled for Sunday, we had to move the date.  Thankfully, set up went well, due to some very helpful volunteers, I love when people come through and honor their commitments!  And the cookie exchange was a lot of fun!  Of course now I have a house full of cookies that I am trying to not eat.  Saturday was the Annual Santa Breakfast.  I was asked to Head it up last year, which was crazy then, and crazy now.  Last year, the Hubs was deployed when I took it on.  And I swore at the end I would never, and I mean NEVER do it again.  Fast forward to this past Summer, my phone rings, I stupidly answered it and re-commited.  A few glitches, as is expected at an event that hosts 247 people over a 2 hour period, and it went surprisingly well!  I even heard from a few of the volunteers that people were commenting on how smoothly it went.  That is only because they didn't see the frantic scurrying going on behind the scenes! 
After the breakfast, and the Hubs was of course on duty, so we went it alone again, we came home and I went and laid on my bed for several hours.  The Princess and I even managed a nap.  I let the boys play video games, they definitely earned it.  And then I did an impromptu cut.  Our neighbors down the street have a little girl who is 10, and is good friends with our kiddos.  I got a text message earlier from her mom saying she had cut her hair!  Well her mom thought she had only cut her bangs, and BOY did she cut them.  But as I got her set up to section and pull her hair back so I could work on her bangs (or fringe as I have been trained to call them, but you say fringe and people assume you are talking about either an AWESOME tv show, or swingy little bits of fabric),  I discovered she had also cut the back up.  I ended up cutting about 5 inches off so it was all even.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  And Sunday, well that was exciting and boring all at the same time.  If you have never been to a gymnastics meet, go as a spectator, not as a parent.  It is nerve wracking and fun to watch all the very talented kids out there flip, and spin and pull off feats of strength that I cannot even hope to ever be able to do.  Which is all great and good until your child's team is finished, and then you go and sit. And wait.  And wait. Then they start the calling of who got medals for what.  Level by level, and age group by age group for each level.  Yay. 
Now it's Monday, and things have finally slowed down.  I still have a big errand to run, and a house to pick up, but tomorrow, well, tomorrow is MY day! I plan on getting the kids on their buses, and then doing nothing! Absolutely nothing, maybe I will take a nap, mostly I am going to lay around and watch mindless shows in peace and quiet. Without anything hanging over my head.  Sounds pretty good to me. 

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