Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blue Skies Ahead

It is 67 degrees outside, at 7pm, 3 days before Christmas.  Kind of feels wrong if you ask me!  As Bookie puts it, we are having a Blue Christmas because when you look up all you see is blue sky.  I guess they are too young to remember when we lived in Florida, it was disturbing to see lights on palm trees.  Flip flops and sundresses!  Illinois was wonderful, I loved seeing all the sparkly snow.  I still have hope since it does snow on very rare occasions here, but I doubt that in 3 days the temp is going to drop and we will be graced with a lovely white blanket. 
No real complaints here though!
December is starting to wind down and finally so are we.  Break officially started, the hubs and I managed to hit up all 3 of the kiddos parties at school.  Controlled chaos at best, but we all had fun.  And today? No plans whatsoever.  The house is clean, so we just lazed around.  Bookie spent the day with his new Kindle, and I let Little Guy and the Princess watch movies and play on the ipad. 
I spent the day researching, and working on looking into adoption agencies.  I know we are a couple months out of being paper ready, but I like to be prepared, and have as much information as possible.  I read up on countries within Africa, on laws, and costs, forms and applications.  It is all mind boggling to say the least.  And it is hard to know which agency to use, do we use one in the state we reside in? Or do we only have to worry about having the homestudy done here?  So if anyone wants to shed some light on this, feel free!  I will take any information you have to pass out.  Just wishing there was a website or a book that laid it all out nice and neat with everything I need in a very organized and plainly written timeline.  Maybe that is something I will take on when all of this is over.  Hopefully my mind won't be shot by this crazy adventure, and I will retain all this information so I can pass on and share what we learn with someone else looking to start this amazing journey.  The day we bring home our girl will be a wonderful day, the first time we can help someone else starting out will be a close second. 

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