Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who Does Such A Thing???

Boredom had set in again, there wasn't anything really interesting on tv last night so I was blog wandering. And I came across this I had read the bit before, being a frequent visitor to imdb but I think I promptly forgot about it since it is such a blatant disregard to the hallowed text of Anne of Green Gables.
Reading it again, just irritated me all over again. Although it is nice to see that other people are equally riled up about it.
I have, as I am sure a lot of you have, grown up reading the Anne books. I devoured them, as well as Emily Of New Moon and any other book L.M. Montgomery wrote. Some day I hope to visit Prince Edward Island. The first two movies weren't too bad. I enjoyed watching them and felt they, for the most part, loosely followed along. Then the third one came out. And was TERRIBLE! It was a jumbled mess, that was nothing like the books.
I don't think I ever thought they would come out with another movie since #3 had been such a botched effort. And yet they have managed to make an even bigger mess of things. Can anything be done?? Any ideas?


One More Equals Four said...

Good luck! I have had a TERRIBLE week! I am scared to step on the scales tomorrow...but there is always next week, right?

sarahgrace said...

OH my heavens! I am right there with you, outraged as ever. THAT is NOT how the story goes, as you well know. Pfffffft! Well, I'll be boycotting that one.