Friday, September 26, 2008

Would You Like A Sample?

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at one of my favorite new stores up here, Loehmans. Do you know it? If you have one near you and haven't been yet, GO!! GO NOW!!
Anyway, I picked up this cute little black dress, with white embroidery around the bottom. I fell in love with it and since it was UBER marked down, I got it. And then it hung in my closet for the next few weeks since it was rainy and a little chilly.


Monday came and presented the perfect opportunity to wear my cute dress. We had heard that The Food Network was going to be taping for a new show and they needed extras to come and eat delicious pizza. And who wouldn't be up for that?? Plus there was the whole "Who is the talent going to be" question. Of course they took too long getting set up, and The Princess lost patience and we ended up heading out to avoid a colossal meltdown.

HOWEVER! I thought this would be a great opportunity to wear my cute new dress. So after getting the kids dressed, because as you all know, you NEVER get dressed to go anywhere first, I headed up and got dressed, fixed my hair and makeup and came downstairs. Only to find out, that it was a SAMPLE. And on the back hem, inside was written in white fabric pencil I am guessing, SAMPLE in big letters. Which you could see through the dress. Of course. Tried the baby wipe trick. And quickly found that is probably the one thing that doesn't get off clothes. And I really didn't want to change my dress either. So I had hubby take a black sharpie market and go over the letters. It worked for what I needed it for.
Somehow, I doubt that put me at the height of fashion!

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sarahgrace said...

Oh no! It looks so cute too! Will it be wearable in the future? I would think there would have to be something that will take fabric pencil off!