Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I Had A Choice...

Last Friday, hubby came home from work and then proceeded to tell me how they had a party and there had been cake, and hot wings, and ice cream. Oh, and he would have brought home some hot wings, but they ate them all. And the cake, yeah he was gonna bring that home too, but then decided to ask around first. So there wasn't any cake left either. BUT there were two gallons of ice cream at work and if I would like, he would bring those home. On Tuesday.


So Saturday after chatting with our neighbor about ice cream, I decided I really wanted some and once again mentioned it to hubby. At which point he mentioned again, on Saturday, that he could bring some home from work. On Tuesday.

Nope needed ice cream now, not 4 days later.

Thankfully the grocery store was having a BOGO deal so I bought some ice cream, and some cereal too since we go through it like water. One of which was the boys favorite Cookie Crisp. By the time we got home it was pretty close to bedtime, but my bottomless pits wanted a snack before bed.

First words out of TJ's mouth?
"Can I have cereal? Cookie Crisp?"

Now the whole point of buying the cereal was so we had it for in the mornings, and if I let them, the boys would eat cereal all day long. So I said no, but they could have some ice cream! Little Guy was all over that. Of course he wanted ice cream, who wouldn't want ice cream?

TJ that's who. Ok, you want cereal, you can have cereal and the rest of us will have ice cream. And that was exactly what he had. Cookie Crisp.



Later on I thought about it, and TJ is very smart. In his 4 and a half year old head, the choice was simple. Bowl FULL of little cookies, or about a scoop and a half of ice cream....

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