Monday, December 3, 2007

One More Thing

We will be MOVING out of the Armpit come July, and I am just so excited about it for a number of reasons. While we may not be buying a house right off the bat, we are visiting my parents instead of house hunting, so we are going to take our first year there to get acquainted with the area and find the BEST house for us. And when we move, we are wanting to get a puppy! Train Junkie will be almost 5 and Little Guy will be 3 and a half, and Princess will be just about a year.
Here is where we would like to get a puppy from!!

They have some adorable little puppies and since I want one I can put in a bag, this seems the best place for us! Yeah, I know, am I really going to carry a dog in a bag? Probably not, but we do want a little one. My boys have specifically asked for a small dog, preferrably a dachsund.

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alisonwonderland said...

it sounds like you've got some good things coming - including hubby being home right after Christmas! enjoy those little ones while they're still little - and enjoy the holidays!