Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boy Talk

I was a little worried that because I had a little girl, that I might not pay as much attention to my boys as I have in the past. However, I don't think that is the case. Both my boys are so interested in their little sister, giving kisses, and talking to her. Their little faces light up when she grants them that ever elusive baby smile. And it warms my mama heart to the very core.
I was sad this morning when I had to disappoint my oldest that he couldn't go to Preschool today. We got up, got dressed and loaded in the car. Only to find it wouldn't start. The engine wouldn't even turn over. Which to me said, (and trust me when I say I am not car savvy AT ALL!) it was the battery. It had to be! My poor son kept asking me if he could go to school. I had to explain why. To which he asked, "Couldn't we walk to school?" Yeah, cuz I am going to walk 12 miles with a 2 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 4 week old! By the time we got there, school would be over. Thankfully he settled down and played with his brother. My friend came and we tried to jumpstart the car. Nothing happened, so I ended up buying a new battery at the Auto parts store.
Its a good thing too, as tomorrow I am supposed to pick up my MIL at the airport and get my hubby when his ship comes back in. I think it was a God thing it happened when it did. Hubby and the boys and MIL are driving to Texas on Saturday while I fly with Baby Girl to visit my family. Dear hubby is INCREDIBLY directionally challenged. So having the car die on him would cause him to fall apart!
After surviving the trials of this morning, I wanted a nice slow afternoon. Instead Train Junkie comes downstairs, hands me his juice cup which is swarming with SUGAR ANTS! ICK, ick, and double ick. Now, we only just moved in here, so the ants are not from us. I asked him where he had gotten his cup from. His answer? His bed. The top bunk. I went to have a look, and sure enough, his sheets were full of the little buggers. Time to strip the bed I guess! After making use of some home remedies (cinnamon and a spray bottle of vinegar water) and vacuuming like crazy, I went back downstairs.
But it all faded into the background when my two great little guys were playing in the living room. They were acting out word for word a story from Little Bear! It was so precious and sweet. I had a smile on my face as I watched. And was rewarded by big BOY hugs! Of course, they are still boys, and I am sure tomorrow I will be ready to condemn them to their rooms for hours.
At least they had already emptied out the bottle of baby powder the other day...

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sarahgrace said...

Awww! My boys love their little sister too...I keep saying "they love her, but not me!"