Thursday, November 21, 2013

Years Later

I thought long and hard about whether I should ever blog here again, I do have another one, but it's a Pinterest food blog. Which much like this one, I abandon on a regular basis. But I have so many thoughts whirling around in this head of mine, I really do need an outlet for them. What prompted this you may ask? Not that I even know who you are, I was really surprised to see this even gets visitors! 3 words. One Tree Hill. Yep, a television show that ended last year, crazy right? For those of you not familiar with it, it aired on the WB/CW and is one of those teen/drama/angst-y shows that for a lot of us are a guilty pleasure. I had never watched it until just recently and over the past few months, I have watched it from beginning to end. Not all at once, although thanks to Netflix, I could have! This show, in all of its silly, crazy problems and solutions, had made me think about what I want. I have an amazing husband, 3 crazy kiddos, and a sweet dog. What else could I want? The last time I think I was here, I owned an Event Planning company. I kind of still do, but since we have moved to middle America and back to the East Coast, I haven't done a lot with it. The website is up, but needs to be updated. I graduated Cosmetology school, really proud of that one. I love doing hair and makeup. I almost opened a bakery. Almost. So, what does all that mean? All 3 of my kiddos, are in school during the day. I work a little bit from home, doing hair and makeup for various clients, and the occasional events. It's perfect because I can make my own schedule. I always say I am an Empire kind of girl. I want to take all of my business ideas and merge them into one. A Salon and cafe, with an attached Event Planning business. And watching One Tree Hill has sparked all those desires in me again. Watching each character realize their dream and bring it into fruition. Probably a lot easier for them since there was a writer spinning their dreams out, and backers, sudden windfalls, and wealthy families written into their story lines. Anyone want to do that for me? I kind of feel a little lost these days. I am happy and blessed. I just need to be busy and contributing. Well, busy with my own things. I am SUPER busy with cleaning the house, when aren't I cleaning? Busy with carting kids to activities, my middle guy is in his first year as a competitive gymnast, my oldest, almost 10, is in Tae Kwon Do, and my girly girl is about to start ice skating. I am one of the Fundraising Directors for my sons gym, and the Chairperson for one of the committees for the PTA. So yeah, busy. Just not busy for me. We are still a military family, that kind of ties my hands on some things. Do I establish my business again, only to have to up and move it in another year or so? I want to for some odd reason, move to a small town, with a great community, small business friendly, where everyone knows everyone. Doesn't that sound appealing? Oh, and in other big news, we are getting ready to start the adoption process! I know, 3 kids and we want to add another one? Adoption has been something I have always wanted to do. And by always, I mean since I was a kid! Children have always been my heart. The thought of being able to help a child who was abandoned, to show them love, and what a family is, that is my dream. Maybe growing up in a church that had a lot of families who fostered and adopted, could have something to do with it I suppose. My kids are so excited, my daughter specifically since we are planning on adopting a girl. Trying to pick a country is intense! So many rules, Japan has one for BMI! I think we have narrowed our choices to Ethiopia, India, or Haiti. But we are open to whatever God has in store for us. And I am so excited about this journey we are preparing for. We plan to put in our application in June 2014, between now and then, we will be praying, seeking God's will on all of this, and to get all our finances in order. Adoption is a great thing, but it is EXPENSIVE! Another reason to really kick my rear into gear with starting my business. I know we can get donations, help from our church, fundraise, and apply for grants. All of which we plan on doing, but I want us to be out of debt before we start, and not go into debt doing it! Look for more posts in the future, I am going to try and post more often. If I can remember to that is!

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