Friday, November 22, 2013

Pudding In A Cup

I find it so hard to believe these days that I have a 4th grader! My oldest is going to turn 10 in less than a month, and frankly that makes me feel old. I used to refer to him as Tj, or Train Junkie, but now his interests have turned to other things. Video games, Nerf guns, and reading. The last one makes me really happy, he loves to read, maybe I should start referring to him on here as Bookie! He has always been a little shy, last year was really tough on him as we were going through another deployment. Big surprise right? This year, he has turned it around completely! And I am so proud of him. Bookie has more confidence, I chalk that up to the twice a week when he practices his front kicks and tiger claw! I love to watch him spar, he giggles through the whole thing, and when he gets paired with a girl? Well, lets just say I really don't have to worry about him ever hitting one! Now we have always consider my Little Guy to be the ladies man, he is charming and silly, and really good at getting attention. That has not changed at all. And we have always joked about how Bookie will be the strong, silent type that the girls would all go nuts for because he does not wear his heart on his sleeve. Still the case for him as well, and it is working for him! About a week ago, Bookie came home from school telling me he thought a girl in his class might like him. All kinds of happy faces and an orchestra swelled in my head. I calmly looked at him and said, "What makes you say that?" Apparently another boy was picking on her and she told him to go away, so Noah told her he wouldn't bug her, to which she replied "Oh, I don't mind if you talk to me." Hmmmm..... Then this week, Bookie asked me if he could bring an extra pudding cup the next day in his lunch. Um, no, you don't need to eat 2 cups of pudding! If you're hungry we can pack more fruit, not more pudding! Yeah, my brain isn't always working at full speed these days. It didn't click until the next morning as I was getting the kids up and ready for school. Me: "So, why did you want another pudding in your lunch, did someone ask you for it?" Bookie: "Yeah..." Me: "Was it R?" Ding, Ding, Ding! Guess who went to school with 2 pudding cups?

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