Friday, April 9, 2010

Hit Me!

Blogging is really hit or miss for me. I get going and post semi-continually for a while and then forget, or get super busy, or feel like I don't have a lot to say. And then when I do come back, this is what I talk about!
To catch you all up, things are moving along so fast here. I can't believe its already April! Which means TJ has about 5-6 weeks of school left. I can't believe he is going to be done with Kindergarten soon. He brought home a flier in his folder the other day from school that was talking about Kindergarten GRADUATION! And the whole cap and tassel deal. I have to admit I teared up a little bit. But he has been doing so well! I am certainly proud of my big guy, who is growing up entirely too fast sometimes. He has learned quite a bit in school this year. Which surprised me seeing as its only Kindergarten, and the most I remember doing is lots of coloring and playing at different stations. TJ on the other hand is writing, doing some reading, and working on simple addition! Some of that we had worked on at home though. Together we have done some multiplication, and a little subtraction. I introduced him last night to word problems, he got it FIRST try!
And with TJ heading into First Grade in the Fall, that means that Little Guy will be joining the ranks of the gainfully schooled. Yep, come August, I will have 2 kiddos in school! Kindergarten and First Grade. Leaving The Princess at home with me! Although I would love to get her into a Preschool program 2-3 mornings a week.
Little Guy is super excited to start school, I am SO nervous he is really going to give the teacher a run for her money though. He is a smart one, just like his brother, and has such a loving and sweet heart, UNTIL he decides he doesn't like whats on the agenda for the day and goes rogue...
The Princess has morphed into a full blown Alpha Female! She takes nothing from no one! Don't get on her bad side either, she will tell you EXACTLY what is on her 2 yr old mind! Of course it doesn't help that she looks like a 4 yr old. I sense trouble in the future. She is going to be the girl in school that if you don't do what she wants, she will not be your friend. No one puts Baby in the corner... hee hee! At least I won't have to worry about her being bullied, just about her bullying others. Friends, I believe we have a Queen Bee in the making!
Our other big news for the moment is the Hubster will be making his way back home in about a week or so! Originally he wasn't supposed to be headed this direction until sometime in July. Thankfully he is no longer needed, a lot of military are coming home. Its a HUGE blessing. I honestly don't know that I could have made it much longer. Keeping a house clean, which has never been my forte, staying on top of 3 kiddos, grocery shopping, and what not, on my own, with very little in the way of breaks, has WORN ME OUT!! Seriously.
Something else I want to share real quick, and while I still think I should be getting commission for how many people I have gotten to start doing it, is the 30 Day Shred! (Shameless weight loss gloating to follow...) I LOVE THIS DVD!!! When I started, I was only doing it 2-3 times a week. Ok, so I didn't , and still haven't done 30 days in a row, BUT just doing that, I have gone from a size 32 pants to a 29! And on my way into a 27 soon. I have lost inches. I honestly cannot believe how well it works. I also decided to pick up Yoga Meltdown, another workout featuring Jillian Micheals. It is super fantastic! It left me feeling relaxed, stretched and worked out all at the same time. So I have been doing the Shred in the morning, and in the afternoon the Yoga. I am going to be shorts and possibly even swim suit ready in no time!! My goal is to be between a 2 and a 4 come September because I get to go on a cruise with one of my best friends.
Anyway, things are pretty good at the moment, and definitely looking up. I can't wait for my hubster to be home, this has been super hard and makes me appreciate so much. We truly are blessed!

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