Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out Of The Loop (4-14-09)

Man, I have been really lax in posting anything. I am not sure why blogging hasn't been on my mind so much lately. Well, actually I do. We have been through a couple of ups and downs around here lately. My goal since we moved was to get going on my plans to open a bakery. It came pretty close to happening, that would be the up! The down part is that we found out that hubby is going to be sent overseas for probably either a 9mo or even a 12 month Billet. This of course really put a snag in our plan for the bakery. Another down.
We are still heading in that direction, it will just take a little longer. Why? you ask... I remember very well the effect deployments had on our little people. And I can't even begin to imagine how they would react to Daddy being gone and Mommy working constantly. I can't and won't put them through that, not to mention the amount of stress I would be under.
It stinks pretty much because I had been offered a great space, with a great lease. We had prayed and prayed about it, and it just looked like God kept opening doors for us. When it came right down to it, there wasn't complete peace.
There is a good thing about this, we will get extra pay, and most likely be almost completely out of debt by the time Hubby comes back. Our car will only have 1 year left to pay on our loan, all of this will put us in a better position for a small business loan. It will also give me a little more time to get my name and products out there through craft fairs and Farmers Markets. Hopefully we can also scout out a better space that will fit all our needs. I am searching for the silver lining of course.

BTW, can anyone tell me how to get the date to show up with each post??

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sarahgrace said...

Oh my, you do have a lot to think about! I will send up a few prayers for you, for peace and wisdom and strength to get through it all. Hang in there!