Tuesday, February 10, 2009

6 Random Thing Meme

One: Link to the person who tagged you. Sarah.

Two: Post the rules.

Three: Write six random things about yourself.

1. Its been quite a while since I have posted anything here!
2. Mis-spelled words drive me crazy
3. In highschool I always had my toes and fingernails painted the same color, perfectly manicured all the time!
4. I don't do that anymore
5. Thanks to my boys, I now know almost all the names of the Pokemon
6. In 3rd grade I was in a spelling bee on the radio, I didn't win :)

I know I should tag 6 people, but.... So anyway if you want to do it, go for it, then leave me a comment so I can check yours out!

1 comment:

sarahgrace said...

misspelled words drive me nuts too!
That is so funny about your perfectly manicured nails and toes- there's just not enough time in the day anymore for that, huh?