Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Amish Would Not Be Pleased

Have you ever been given a starter for Amish Friendship bread? I got my first ziploc baggy full of it about 2 weeks ago. We went to go visit some family and one of my SIL had made this delicious bread. A couple days later she brought me and my other SIL our own starters with a copy of the instructions. They were very detailed on what to do for each day. Most of which consisted of "Mush The Bag". Hard workers those Amish.

I had asked my SIL what made the bread Amish, it was all in the preparation. You couldn't use any metal when making the bread. No metal bowl, spatulas, spoons, anything!

So follow the instructions I did. I mushed the bag, I added in the proper ingredients, and then mushed the bag some more. Finally on Day 10, the starter gets dumped in a PLASTIC bowl and more flour, sugar and milk is mixed in. Then you divvy out 4 cups into 4 separate ziploc baggys. Three you give away, one you keep to make for your family.

The rest of the batter in the bowl, you mix in a bunch more stuff to make the bread. Which I have to tell you is REALLY hard to do without the use of my Kitchenaid Mixer! Oh I desperately wanted to use it. But I stuck to my guns and stirred my batter in my plastic bowl with my wooden spoon. Finally it was ready, my oven was preheated, so into the bread pans the mix went. I popped them into the oven and let them bake for an hour. The house smelled WONDERFUL! All sugar and cinnamon-y.

It tasted amazing! The kids ate it up, and so did hubby when he came home. Until he pointed out something to me...




Looks like my Amish bread was not so Amish after all!! It never even occurred to me that I was baking it in METAL pans! I had put so much effort into mixing it in a plastic bowl, with a wooden spoon, staying away from my Kitchenaid. Only to BAKE the silly things in metal pans! Still delicious though!

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sarahgrace said...

Whoops! Silly metal pan... Were you suposed to use glass?