Friday, July 6, 2007

The Lord Works In Minty Ways

So I had my own personal miracle last night around 10:30pm. Probably not a big one by most standards, but to a 36 weeks pregnant woman, this was MONUMENTOUS!!! Ok, so maybe not that huge, but I have no control of my hormones at this point and it takes very little to make me really happy these days. Or cry for that matter, but thats a whole 'nother story!
One of the little things that has sustained me these past 36 weeks, has been mints. I don't want them during the day though. Just at night. When I am asleep. When I was pregnant with my boys, I discovered that mints at night helped to keep nausea at bay. You know, for the "Morning" sickness... This time however, if I don't have fresh minty breath/taste in my mouth throughout the entire night, it makes me ill. Also, due to the fact I need the air set at about 70 while I sleep, it makes my mouth seem really dry. And then I am miserable and can't sleep. Which leads to that crying I mentioned earlier.
Before I left for L.A. I bought one of those multi-packs of Tic Tacs, the BOLD ones. Dear hubby likes to steal them so I always keep a pack in my purse. But I had a ton of them and thought I was doing fine in the stockpile of mints department. As it turned out, Wednesday night was my last night with mints. I had 3 measly little Tic Tacs to keep me through the night, and hubby had Watch that night so I KNEW I couldn't send him to the store to get me more. I made them last. So last night, I figured, I don't really need them, I will just spend a little extra time brushing and flossing my teeth and have loads of water handy. Hubby and his ship left yesterday so I had no one to run to the store for me. And I was CERTAINLY not going to load the boys into the car, haul them into the store just for a thing of Tic Tacs.
I went to bed and then I just LAID there. And laid there. My mouth was dry, I kept drinking water which in turn made me need to use the bathroom. Still laying there. Ok, I HAVE to go hunt for mints. I KNOW there aren't any, but I was desperate enough to hope for a few stray ones in the bottom of my purse. How sad is that?!? Now I know you all want to run to the store buy up packs of mints and send them to me so I am never without again... (you can go ahead and email me for my address now...) I went out to the kitchen, after searching the tops of dressers and our Entertainment center as I put stuff up there to keep out of the reach of my boys. Nope, NOTHING. I am now frantically pulling stuff out of my purse, theres not even a STRAY one in the bottom. I am praying now, Please God, help me find some mints!! I have about 3 pockets in my purse, on one side there is the big zippered one. I keep my business cards and cards from vendors I collect in there. Nope, not in there. Now the other two pockets are on the other side and I usually put spare change, keys, or other little things I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to locate in the vastness that is the bottom of my purse. Wednesday night, when we had dinner with Damon, I had gotten the boys a Butterfinger to split. It was was a little stale, so I wrapped it up and stuck it in one of the side pockets. It was still there last night. I knew there was nothing else in there, but wait, what IS that? TIC TACS?!?! There WAS not Tic Tacs in that pocket the other night when I stuffed the candy bar in there. Its a full pack too, and should keep me til Tuesday when I have my next Drs appt and can run to the store while the boys are at the sitters. GOD gave me Tic Tacs! He said, "Its really pitiful to watch this poor pregnant woman run around the house, while her hubby is out playing war games on his ship, stuck with two sleeping "angels" so she can't get to the grocery store. I am going to make her really happy and give her some Tic Tacs!"
I slept quite peacefully and minty last night!


alisonwonderland said...

gotta love those little tender mercies of the Lord!

sarahgrace said...

I'm so glad God sent those your way. It's so nice that He takes care of the smallest of details, and that he displays his understanding of us pregnant women in this way...

Org Junkie said...

That is the first time I've ever heard of mints throughout the night! So glad it all worked out for you or you might have been one tired lady!


Lois E. Lane said...

Hope you're still feeling good :)